Dalem Wangi is a non-profit organization established in 2018 by Andar Manik. It is growing with organic family links, supported by members’ networks. Dalem Wangi supports expression and calls for the participation of various performing arts that are rooted in tradition, and that develop with certain utopian perspectives such as relationship with nature and culture. As the organization Jendela Ide (est. 1995) became too formal, the founders established Dalem Wangi, meant to remain smaller. Dalem Wangi invites practitioners of different world traditions. The main perspective in collaborative participation. Dalem Wangi aims to introduce artists with a different perspective to young people and to become a place for people sharing the tradition, where people share stories, skill, and knowledge. Dalem Wangi acknowledges that there are traditions that need protection, and others traditions that need to be developed. Dalem Wangi positions itself as a space for completely different expressions, evolving from a private to a public forum, They share routine postings on Instagram and connect online with other communities sharing their perspective. On the other hand, Dalem Wangi sees the performing arts as an essential sector of the creative economy that can become a product that must be well designed.