Gudskul is a non-profit community and results of three other collectives, which are Serrum, Ruang Rupa, and Grafis Huru (respectively established in 2006, 2004, and 2015). In 2015 these organizations moved to the Pancoran area, Jakarta, and created Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, where they remained for two years. In 2017 they moved again to their current location. Within the transition process, the idea of creating Gudskul (School of Collective Study) transpired, and now the scene reaches more than sixty active members. The scene’s activities revolve around exhibitions, workshops, classes, discussions, and more recently music performances, which also have been commercially marketed. Their audience range from curators, private sectors, individuals, and also educational institutions. The innovation process in the scene comes in the form of collaborations. Benefiting from a grant from the Ford Foundation, Gudskul still was confronted with the question of its sustainability. For this reason, the community has been working on commercial commissions such as murals, logos, and design among others. It also develops other commercial activities such as space for creative enterprises, a shop, a café, a canteen and offers 26 spaces for rent for artists. Besides, the site offers offline classes, administrative handling, galleries, studios, and an auditorium for concerts. Gudskul collaborates with various government agencies as well as several universities, mainly in Jakarta. It works closely with electronic and digital media to promote its events.