It was started with a bunch of friends hanging out and discussing photography. Eventually in 2006, one of them, Anton Ismael, a professional photographer, decided to create morning classes where they would share knowledge for free. The idea is that knowledge about photography is not exclusive and can be learned. The team and the members contribute to these activities. Since then there have been 12 batches of class, which represent more than 1,000 people. The activity focused on education and the artistic aspect of photography. In 2016, the community realized that it needed steady funds to support its activities, hence they started to monetize their activities. By then, Kelas Pagi had a fixed management team and developed the commercial aspect In 2017, Kelas Pagi launched classes with fees on Sunday, and it benefited from the network of its founder to create links with the industry. Media thus became a commercial portfolio as well, through merchandising, workshops, etc. However, the community remains very organic and now still work independently. Kelas Pagi is not only in Jakarta but also in other cities including Jogja, and Papua.