Komunitas Salihara is a private multidisciplinary art center that was established in 2008 by Goenawan Mohamad, a renowned journalist and former chief of Tempo magazine, that was banned by the New Order government in 1994 because of political pressures. At that time, journalists, writers, intellectuals, and artists from Tempo established a community that became well-known to manage large-scale and international events. After a decade, it continues to develop a flourishing creative scene. To accommodate the expansion of these activities, the founders took the initiative to build a separate community, Komunitas Salihara. It aims to foster freedom of thought and expression, to respect difference, and to grow and support artistic and intellectual diversity and innovation. Komunitas Salihara maintains its financial stability from ticket sales, class fees, performances, and venue rent. Funds are also obtained from NGOs grants and independent patrons to run programs or events. Komunitas Salihara collaborates with various Indonesian and international organizations and institutions.