Established in 2015, Omnispace is an alternative art space for works that are more experimental than in other galleries, but more recently also for music (subculture). It is an open space that gives facilities for artists who have no opportunities in other galleries in Bandung. Omnispace holds discussions, movies, photography, music events. Many members come from fine arts, but it opened to various backgrounds. The membership is flexible and Omnispace is becoming more of an artist’s collective than just managing a space. It positions itself more like a lab, being very experimental. In 2015, Omnispace developed Getok Tular. The idea of a “concept exhibition” where sketches, videos, and photographs concepts are sold. This event was repeated two years after. The program offers concept commission work,It is a strategy for countering art exhibitions without sales and the problems of the artists who have no money to produce their works. Since 2015, Omnispace has tried to be sustainable, collectively or as a network. It acknowledges a strong social/skill capital and network, but weak financial capital. For this reason, there are no permanent staff because there are no funds for salaries. Members share the tasks and support each other. The organization was started from individual artist problems, particularly the difficulties in selling works. Omnispace serves as a hub for commercial activities and serves as a platform. It helps artists to enter the mainstream art market.,With the pandemics, Omnispace started a virtual interface for exhibitions and in doing so open to new media, such as video and photography.