In 2008, Karinding Attack was established as a band that combined metal music and Karinding (Sundanese traditional harp). The traditional musician Kimung eventually became a celebrity. Karinding Attack develop a system, bringing independent underground spirit, with an independent economic approach, old music revival , preservation of historic traditions, and built the infrastructure that was lacking for Karinding musicians (crew, record label, media, etc.). Although there were hundreds of groups playing Karinding in West Java, people only knew about Karinding after the Karinding Attack. In 2013, the number of performances started to decrease as the musicians turned to other activities. Later on it became active again, but no scene existed yet to facilitate the interest. Pangabuan Karinding was originally established in 2017 as a media to promote the music ( Then it grew to coordinate sharing knowledge, work, and music creation. In doing so, Pangabuan Karinding answers the need for an infrastructure for Karinding players, raising their awareness about the need for a good sound system, recording, and documentation, supporting the appreciation of their work, as well as their empowerment through educational program about event management and band management that began in 2019. The initial idea of Kimung, the founder, was to provide a scene for Karinding but without a central figure attached, so that the movement can continue even without the initial founder. Pangabuan Karinding is a platform that is meant to become reference for Karinding groups. A collective movement that is stronger than individuals, with an independent spirit. Until now, the structure is still work in process. They acknowledged that they would prefer to remain a non-profit organization. On the other hand, the members also need a structure that can support them financially. After publishing a book about the history of Karinding Kimung and his crew planned to do a recording with bands from various genres (pop, punk, metal, folk, etc.) that already had their unique sounds and combined it with sounds made of bamboo instruments (Karinding celempung, suling, and angklung). The first Karinding compilation was funded by the two founders, Kimung and Dini. A Festival, Karinding’s Day Out, was created in 2019. Still, there is a lot to do: Pangabuan Karinding does not have regular funds (although funded occasionally with government grants or commissioned work), nor does it own a venue. Pangabuan Karinding also has to work on patents for their products. However, they now have their own record label, Paratuan Record, but no recording studio yet. In this context, collaboration with other communities and actors is essential. Members share their skills and equipment They utilize Kimung’s and other members’ networks.