Sandwich Attack was created in 2015 in Tangerang as no forum existed to facilitate various creative activities of the city at that time. It started with a café that gathered two scenes: a music community (Ganggu Tetangga) and an online local product bazaar (Pasar Duniawi). Sandwich Attack was first involved in the culinary industry, then the spot became a well-known hangout spot. It started branding activities and awareness to collaborate with commercial sponsors and became an umbrella that fosters organic interaction of creative scenes. Sandwich Attack works to empower the local communities, to facilitate the groups or people who do not own space and are inclusive to all kinds of arts or industry, “as long as the impact is good for the community”. In the beginning, Sandwich Attack lacked a good sound system and struggled to find money to cover its rent expenses. Today, it owns a good sound system, projectors, and screen and can even rent bigger places such as a mall for bigger events. In 2021, Sandwich Attack plans to open a new branch, and will legally become a limited company (PT).